Punto Banco

Punto Banco

Learning to play Punto y Banca is easy with these basic rules for beginners. Punto y Banca casino game is the most widespread version of Baccarat, which is why it is commonly referred to by that name. It is a game of pure chance and is not influenced by the skill of the participants. Although there are countless variations, the three most common and easily found forms of Baccarat today are “Punto y Banca”, “Baccarat Chemin de fer” (Chemmy) and “Baccarat Banque” (Deux Tableaux).

Objective In Punto Y Banca

The participants in a Punto y Banca session bet on the move that pits the Banker against the Point (or Player) on the other side. We can think of these as fictitious players facing each other and what the participants do is bet on the duel for the option of their choice. What are the options for betting? The participant can bet that the Player’s hand wins, that the Banker’s hand wins or that they both tie. It’s as simple as that.

Point bets are paid at 1-1, Banker bets are paid at 1-1 minus a commission stipulated by each casino (usually 5%). If you bet on the Tie, it pays 8-1 and bettors on the other two options get their bets back. Knowing this, anyone can sit down at a Punto y Banca table and play without having to worry about anything else. It still pays to know the rules so you know what happens at the table and what the whole game is based on.

Each of the parties has cards whose values must be added up, the aim is to see which is the best play by comparing the two hands. Baccarat is the name given to the worst hand, the one that adds up to 0 points, while the best hand is the one that adds up to 9 points.

The value of the hand is equal to the digit corresponding to the units of the resulting sum, if they add up to 7 the value of the hand is 7, but if the two cards add up to 13, the value of the hand is 3, now it may seem confusing but it is not, in addition, it is the dealer who manages the play without the player having to worry about anything else to see if he wins for whom he bet. The way the game is played is fully automatic once the bets have been placed, so players make no additional decisions.

Card Values

With the table below you can see the values of all the cards in the deck:

  • card-value-at-point-and-bank-baccarat
  • Examples of starting hands and their values:
  • In the play composed of 4 and 3, it adds up to 7 (4+3) and is worth 7 points.
  • A hand made up of K and 6 adds up to 6 (0+6) and is worth 6 points. Figures and 10 are worth 0 points.
  • If it is made up of 7 and 8, it adds up to 15 (7+8) and is worth 5 points. The tens are eliminated.
  • If the move is made up of A and 9, it adds up to 10 (1+9) and is worth 0 points. The tens are eliminated.

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