5 tennis betting tips

5 tennis betting tips

In tennis betting, there are many parameters that can affect the course of the match. However, the skills and individual characteristics of each player take precedence over everything else to make a good tennis prognosis. It is therefore essential to know the profile of the opponents. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you anticipate the outcome of a tennis match.

5 tips for a successful tennis prognosis

  • The surface area.
  • The environment.
  • The style of play.
  • The shape of the player.


#1 The surface

The type of court – grass, clay or hard – is fundamental, as most players are specialised to varying degrees on one or two surfaces. Rafael Nadal is best on clay when Federer is more comfortable on a fast surface. Since the 1990s, the style of play of players and materials of rackets and balls have changed a lot, and tend to become more uniform. However, this is still the most important criterion for judging each player’s chances.

#2 The environment

Bettors think less about it, but certain stadiums and weather conditions can benefit or disadvantage players. For example, indoor matches put the waiters in the best possible conditions, without wind or sunlight to disrupt their service. On the other hand, some players may lose their concentration in noisy atmospheres, such as that of the Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open. 📢 Or fear the constant pressure of the fans, as at the Australian Open.

#3 The style of play

Apart from the intrinsic level of the opponents, a challenger may make a better ranked player tremble if the nature of his game allows him to take advantage of his opponent’s weak points. For example, a player allergic to long rallies on the back court could lose out to a specialist in long rallies on clay. The style of play is deeply linked to the surface of the court, so analyse these two aspects in parallel. When it comes to style of play, here are a few sweets from Federer, the greatest tennis stylist of all time. Lob, passing, bunt, slam, smash… it’s all there, plus some unknown shots that make the legend of what some call the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

#4 The shape of the player

This factor is particularly decisive in Grand Slam, where matches in 5 sets of 4 or 5 hours can be played in succession. Check the number of hours each player spends on the court before the match. The number of matches and tournaments played during the year also counts, as fatigue builds up month after month for the most active players. Beware of injury return periods, as players are less able to withstand a match that drags on.

#5 Statistics

Percentage of first serve, face to face, ranking, ranking, height, age… In tennis betting, many statistics on athletes help you with your predictions. Many specialised sites provide relevant data. Did you know that Serena Williams won half as many Grand Slams at Roland Garros (3) as she did at the Australian Open (7), Wimblebon (7) and the US Open (6)? If you are betting on the tournament where she will equal the record of Margaret Court (24), avoid Paris!

Points to defend! Is every player motivated to win his match and go far in a tournament? In principle, the answer is yes! But take a look at the rankings to understand how many places a player can win or lose depending on his results during the week. The prospect of getting into the top 10 – or out of it – adds to the motivation. Check out the official rankings of pro tours, such as the ATP Tour in men’s tennis, to assess the situation.

Who to bet on in tennis?

Knowing who to bet on in tennis, that’s the question! In tennis prognosis, logic is your ally, but it sometimes clashes with the psychology and character of sportsmen and women. Here, on the fly, are some profiles of tennis players on whom it can be clever to bet.

The big winners. The big four has been reduced to a trio due to Andy Murray’s hip problems, but Djokovic, Nadal and Federer are still there! Their winning percentage of over 80% guarantees easy bets. But beware of the odds; bets on their victories are not paid much by bookmakers when they are up against weak players.

Volatile players. Depending on the day, some unpredictable tennis players can surprise you by beating a top 5 player or lose to the world’s 200th player. If you know how to anticipate their fluctuating moods, good odds are possible by betting on…or against them. Any names? Grigor Dimitrov, Petra Kvitova, Benoit Paire…

The emotional. Some players are guided by their emotions. A useful double-edged sword factor in betting if you can predict such boosts or slack. On the positive side; a Gael Monfils often over-excited in front of his Roland Garros audience, semi-finalist in 2008. On the negative side: a Richard Gasquet, sometimes petrified by what is at stake in this same tournament, defeated in 2013 by Wawrinka after flying over the first 2 sets. An extraordinary match, which he would exorcise two years later at Wimbledon.

Profiles to follow

For some players, emotional or technical blockages can become a long-term concern, whether they manage to overcome them or not. Here are two profiles that allow you to play on statistics, keeping in mind that one fine day, they might make them lie!

The almost champions. Some players sometimes find it difficult to get past the final level. Think about it before betting on them for a big final. One thinks of Dominic Thiem, the Austrian prodigy with three defeats in as many Grand Slam finals. Patience sometimes pays off, as for Caroline Wozniacki, world number one at the age of 20 in 2010, who had to wait until 2018 and the Australian Open to finally win a Grand Slam.

The black beasts. Some players very often lose against the same opponent, who becomes their “pet peeve”. 👹 Stan Wawrinka is 100% victorious in 7 matches over Jeremy Chardy; an easy bet for their next match! In the women’s category, the phenomenon is not to be denied, with Serena Williams’ career 19-2 defeat of Maria Sharapova – who regularly takes revenge on Simona Halep. But beware, one day, something may go wrong and the victim will triumph over her tormentor!

Tennis prognosis on the Next Gen

The Next Gen is this new generation of players brought to put an end to the reign of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic (54 Grand Slams out of 64 between 2004 and 2019 between the three of them). Since Juan Martin del Potro, winner of the US Open in 2009, a new face at the top level is expected! In prognostic tennis, the members of the Next Gen provide odds that are still high and already safe. These 5 young top players are the ones on whom to bet tennis from now on. Today’s tennis prognostic specialists know that among them is a future world number 1.

Next gen: who to bet on in Grand Slam?

Daniil Medvedev. This 24-year-old Russian player has already come close to winning his first Grand Slam after an epic match against Nadal at the 2019 US Open. His incredibly powerful long-distance play makes him a natural candidate for a hard court victory, whether at the US Open or in Australia.

Stéfanos Tsitsipás. The 22-year-old Greek has everything it takes to win a Grand Slam in the near future. He struck a big blow by pocketing the ATP Finals in 2019. With his complete game, you can bet on him on any surface. Especially Wimbledon grass, his favourite surface, but also Roland Garros.

Karen Khachanov. Another Russian player with a similar profile to Medvedev. With his aggressive play carried by a great forehand and a powerful serve, he is a credible candidate for the US Open and Wimbledon. Especially since Khachanov knows how to go all the way: 4 wins and 0 defeats in tournament finals.

Alexander Zverev. The one we keep waiting for in Grand Slam, since his victory at the ATP Finals over Djokovic in 2018. The 23-year-old German with an ultra-complete game is dangerous both in the exchange and at the net, and on serve as well as in return. With his clay court victories in Master 1000 in Madrid and Rome, he can be counted on to end Rafael Nadal’s reign in Paris.

We can also mention Matteo Berrettini and Andrey Rublev, two promising young players. And if you like to get ahead of the game, you can bet on the Canadian start-ups Felix Auger-Aliassime and Denis Shapovalov, or the Australian Alex De Minaur.

Conclusion on the tennis bet

Exciting matches to watch, stars to play spectacular games, and tons of betting opportunities for all budgets and levels. Impossible not to get excited about tennis betting! Many bettors start with this easily accessible and emotionally rich sport. Pleasure is therefore guaranteed both in front of the odds and in front of the screen; we advise you to try it as soon as possible!

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